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About me:    Aspiring to Inspire before I Expire.
                   Nothing special in me except the "ONE" Who makes me special.
                   Hated by some, Loved by few, Envied by most and yet wanted by many.

   I love to serve my Jesus, He's everything to me;
   He helps me bear each burden, He is my victory.
   I love to serve my Jesus, the world I do give up,
   I'll drink with my dear Savior from that bitter, bitter cup;

   I know that if I suffer with Him
   I too shall reign
   In life and up in glory bright
   sweet promise sure I claim.

   I love to serve my Jesus, and lean upon His arm
   In health or in affliction, in the calm or in the storm;
   In darkness, clouds or sunshine, inheat or in the cold,
   In poverty or riches, I have peace and happiness untold.

    I love to serve my Jesus, for all His tender care;
   Oh, what a pleasure in this life we all may share;
   Oh, depth of great compassion! 'tis like a mighty flood
   He gave His pledge of love to us, and sealed it with His blood.

Passion:        Wanna hear my India to be called as "the land of the creator - JESUS"
Activities:       Praying, Preaching and Playing Music.
Music:           Guitars (Rhythm, Lead and Bass). Keys and Drums.

Hometown:   Marthandam
Occupation:  Full Time Ministry

Religion:       Christian - Pentecostal
Ethnicity:      Asian
Nationality:   Indian
Languages:  Tamil, English and Malayalam

About Jesus:           the Master Designer of the Earth
                              the Owner of this Universe
                              the Innocent Lamb of God
                              the Hero of the Calvary
                              the Rose of Sharon
                              the Perfect Lover of my Soul
                              the Returning King
                              the Tomb Raider
                              the Most High
      J - Jealous for God
         E - Exemplary Life
           S - Sinless Life
             U - Understanding His Will
               S - Sustained by His Grace.
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Our Ministries:
  • Street Preachings
  • Gospel Meetings
  • Worship Services
  • Youth Meetings
  • Youth Camps
  • Conventions
  • Special Meetings
  • North India Ministries
  • Gospel Music
  • Gospel Parade
  • Prayer and Counselling
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Media Ministry
  • Night Prayers
  • Village Ministry
  • Translations
  • Hebrew Learning

Speak evil of no man ...
Follow peace with all men ...

Dare to be a Daniel
Dare to stand alone
Dare to have a purpose firm!
Dare to make it known.
A 2 J
A 2 J
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